Medibank Update

I am delighted to announce I have received my Medibank Private rebate provider number today. So what does that mean? It means clients with the suitable level of cover with Medibank Private can have their counselling fees rebated. A win for Phoenix, but most importantly of all, a massive win for clients and the state of mental health. As a mental health therapist I am a huge advocate for getting behind all the private insurance companies to allow properly educated and registered counsellors to have provider numbers so we can offer affordable, quality services. Thank you Medibank Private for your support.

Special Offer

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is coping with this heat as the Adelaide summer drags on. I know I am fairly well over it and long for cool autumn nights with breezes so we can all sleep!
At Phoenix we take mental health very seriously, and in view of this to begin our journey with you we extend a special offer for March. For all new clients who book in March we
offer a 20% discount off of the first session fee. That’s a saving of $18.00 for a single session and $24.00 for couples. Don’t forget some Medibank Private clients may be eligible for
rebates which would also apply – if Medibank ever send my provider number!!!

Stay cool everyone, this weekend is going to be a scorcher!